The End of Tsu Remix Contest!

April 15, 2014 Remix contest time! Download these spiffy MP3 (160kbps) audio tracks from the last Tsu-gamush song! Submissions can be uploaded to your personal musician page (BandCamp, SoundCloud, etc.) or through good ol' fashioned email right here on this page. Submitted songs should be in MP3 format, between 128kbps and 320kbps. Winner gets something special (announced soon). Also, currently no deadline. ENJOY!

> Download Synths Here (28.4MB)

Welcome (Back) to Hopscotch Mix!

After being down a few years and a steady binge of beer and nachos, the website is back up! Here, you can find all 191* songs in the Hopscotch Mix series grouped together per their respective song packs. Also included (so far) is the Hopscotch Mix 3: Excel theme (Stepmania 3.9 compatable), a breif history of our group, song lists/info, and credits to all who have worked on/contributed to this venture. Even more archival material to come, including fan-made remixes, courses, and themes.

I am still currently working on Hopscotch Mix Zenith (The fifth installation). This is a long and arduous process that's not all that simple. So please bear with me as I work as diligently as possible on this (four or five year old on & off) project. I love StepMania, the community, the players and creators. And I love the fact that many of you care or have cared about this project since it's birth over 8 years ago, and I want to ensure the best quality of this future song pack.

So sit back and enjoy some of the ol' classics. And hey, if you have a remixed Hopscotch song, moded course, custom stepfile, link, or anything to contribute to the website, drop me an email in the Contact
section: Or hit me up on the Facebook or Twitter. Until the next update, keep on creating!

-Chuck Enck
Hopscotch Mix Founder

*Number includes hidden/bonus tracks ;)